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The urge to laugh bubbled up inside of him like a caged bird flapping its wings against the cage. Honestly, the fact he tamped down a smile proved how much self-restraint he could have... because why wouldn't he want to laugh at Steve Rogers schooling Rhodey? The worship and adoration that his long time friend seemed to speak with in regards to Steve almost made him smug when he got the chance to watch them spar... and Rhodey fall on his face.

What? He was allowed to enjoy that a little. Especially after some of the shit Rhodey put him through in the past.

But that wasn't why he didn't announce his arrival. The sensors for the Avengers compound didn't register him because he wasn't a 'threat'... so no one knew he came to visit. After flying out to the middle of nowhere that one time to save Steve from his strange desire to get his ass kicked... he'd been fighting that nagging impulse to just show up. Not that he felt like he should be there. Tony even pointedly didn't look at Wanda in one corner of the work out area to avoid the gnawing guilt in his stomach and the fear of what he'd seen...

Instead, he kept his eyes on Steve. The broad shoulders and the UnderArmour shirt that hugged every single curve and muscle the blonde had in his body. Damn sinful and he'd be damned if he looked away. Not that it was the main reason he wanted to just... watch. Steve had a certain grace to him. A confidence in combat, but when he talked and laughed it almost seemed shy. Never quite giving everything to his teammates. At least not when he compared the smiles to the one he got in New York when Tony felt certain he was dead.

"JARVIS always wondered why you watched and never approached." Tony felt like his heart might explode in his chest as he nearly jumped out of his skin. The god damn android didn't even make a sound as his feet touched the ground. A hand reflexively went to his heart and he tried not to let his stomach wrench at the sound of that familiar voice. "Forgive me... I startled you."

"No shit." He muttered the words softly and rubbed at his face, fingertips tangling in his hair... that he actually tried to make look nice before he came. Why... he didn't really know. Okay. He did. But who was asking?!

"Why do you?"

"Why do I what?" He rubbed his face more, frustration creasing his brow.

"Watch Captain Rogers from far away." Tony peered over his fingers at Steve and he felt that same fluttering feeling in his chest. "I believe he misses your presence. I should inform him you have arrived..."

"Vision!" He turned to tell the other know, but all he caught was a fluttering of cape before The Vision floated weightlessly down to the training room floor. Great... all he needed was for Steve to know he was standing there staring like a teenage girl...

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He was probably being a little more aggressive than he should be. Not that he wasn't careful. He always was when he was sparring unless it was with Thor or Tony in his armor. Yeah, that was not something he should think about. But he was still pulling his punches, taking care not to hurt Rhodey while still giving him a chance to try to try different tactics against someone who was stronger.

It was good practice. It was also a chance for Steve to relieve some of his own frustration.

Helping Rhodey to his feet, he gave his teammate a sheepish smile. Steve began explaining what had happened and started to show Rhodey a move that would have kept him from being dumped to the floor when he realized that Vision was floating toward them.

At least now he was used to the familiar voice coming from someone physical even if it did make his chest ache slightly. JARVIS had been a friend even if he hadn't existed in the normal sense. He still was a friend even if the circumstances had changed.

Actually, Vision had helped Steve with his frustrations with the old team, or one member of it, than anyone else. He'd listened to Steve grumble and complain, asking rhetorical questions about why Tony had rescued him when he was done with the Avengers. Even if he wasn't quite JARVIS, Vision understood Tony better than most people. It'd helped but it still hadn't given him answers.

Rhodey clapped him on the shoulder and said he'd go spar with Sam, giving the two of them privacy. "Mr. Stark is here." Vision nodded slightly in the direction where Tony was standing above them.

Why would Tony be here? He was done with the Avengers. He was supposed to be back in New York.

Schooling his features into something that he hoped looked professional, he asked if Vision knew what was going on but as expected, the answer was vague with a hint of the amusement that he'd sometimes noticed in Tony's AI. "You could go upstairs and ask."

Knowing that Vision was right, Steve glanced up at Tony, trying to figure out what was going on before heading upstairs to meet Tony. "Did you want to see me?"

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Things should not be this complicated. Tony had rescued him so obviously he did care in some way or he would have let Steve figure his own way out of the situation he'd found himself in. But that didn't mean that they were really friends anymore or that the save hadn't just been professional courtesy. It could be anything and everything and...

Why was everything with Tony so complicated?

He'd thought Tony trusted him. They were supposed to be a team. Steve had thought that they were more than that since Tony had been one of the few people who actually seemed to give a damn about how Steve coped with the modern world.

Then Ultron and the visions and Steve was suddenly locked out of his best friend's life. Which was his choice and Steve wasn't going to push.

But that didn't mean he didn't look a little bit hopeful when Tony turned and started with his usual flirting. "Yeah, I did. You can visit anytime."

Then his expression faltered when Tony started getting defensive before Steve had really had a chance to say anything. "Who said you weren't wanted?" Before he could stop himself, he blurted out the first thing that came to mind. "Quit trying to pick a fight with me when I don't want to fight with you."

Huh... maybe he should have said that sooner and maybe things would have worked out different.

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If it was anyone else but Tony, Steve would think that he was nervous. But that couldn't be right. Tony could stand in front of hundreds of people and improvise a speech that would charm everyone. He didn't do nervous gestures unless...

Unless whatever he said really mattered and wasn't for show.

"It's kind of picking a fight when you say you're not wanted when I've barely had a chance to say hello." It was probably petty and childish but it was also true. Tony was expecting him to throw him out without giving Steve a chance to show him that he was welcome at the new facility.

Blinking at Tony he tried to figure out where 'you're here' fit in. Was that the reason why he wouldn't be welcome. Did Tony really think that he didn't want him around. Before he could ask, Tony caught his wrist and they were headed down one of the hallways.

Looking around, he gave Tony a wry smile, hoping to take away some of the strangeness of what was going on. "I'm not sure I know where we're going." But Steve knew that Tony hadn't meant the hallways. He'd meant something more. "We're both lost. We lost our way awhile ago."

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"There's no reason to freak out, Tony." Did Tony really think he wasn't welcome? Had someone on the team implied it? Steve had thought he'd made it clear that Tony was still an Avenger even if he was no longer Iron Man. "You can come here any time you want. You're still part of the team." Pausing he wasn't sure if he should say anything else, then continued before he changed his mind. "You're still my friend."

Glancing sideways at the elder, his heart stuttered when Tony's fingers tangled with his. This wasn't normal for them. This was too intimate, especially after the frustrating mess that Tony had walked away from. This was... Warm and steady and something he'd missed without ever having it before.

He kept watching Tony even after his friend looked away. There was something about what he was asking that caused his stomach to lurch painfully, thinking of all the times Peggy had charged into battle beside him. All the times his heart had stopped when he'd lost sight of bright red armor and wondered if the enemy had finally outsmarted Tony.

"No, I never realized that because the person - the people - who meant that much to me went into danger willingly. I respected their choice too much to take it away from them." Sighing, he couldn't help getting lost in memories, both from the war and during the past year. "They wouldn't be the person I loved if they didn't want to be beside me during the best and worst."

For a few seconds, he didn't know what to say. Actually even when Steve gathered his thoughts, he still didn't know what to say. Nothing could make that easier. He knew how much Tony loved Pepper and the breakup couldn't be easy. "I'm sorry. I know it's hard... You should have told me. You shouldn't go through that alone."

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Moving closer, he watched Tony, trying to figure out what was going on. This wasn't normal for them. Not even after Ultron and the tension that had caused. Still unsure about what was going on, he brushed his thumb along Tony's hand, trying to reassure him that things would be all right.

"It's not a contest. I'm not better than you or anyone else." Their motives were different but that didn't mean that Tony was a bad person. "We just... things got out of hand. We both should have done things differently." They should have trusted each other and Steve shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. "I should have listened to you and tried to understand what was going on after the visions."

But there was more to what was going on than whatever Maximoff had shown Tony or whatever trust issues they hadn't resolved. Why wouldn't it be difficult for Tony to lose Pepper? Everyone knew how important she was to Tony. "Everyone deals with it..."

The words vanished when Tony said he had feelings for someone else. That was... Wait... Him? He was the one that Tony had fallen for? Half the time he thought Tony disliked him. "Why couldn't you tell me?"

His heart did some strange thing that made it feel like it was about to stop and was beating too fast. All the time he'd spent caring for Tony, trying to tell himself it was just friendship. That he wasn't slowly falling for the one person who seemed to care in the way he needed and...

"It's killing you?" His voice sounded strangled and his chest ached the way it did before one of his asthma attacks. "Then - then why are you here?"

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Was that how Tony saw him? He was someone that Tony had be be worthy of to spend time with? The thought caused cold to slide down his spine, making him almost sick. "Tony, you've always been worthy."

None of it made any sense. Tony said he was in love with him but it sounded painful not like something he should want. It felt like he should apologize but he hadn't really done anything wrong. Steve hadn't forced Tony to fall in love with him and when he was being honest with himself, he'd been falling for Tony.

The vision had ruined everything, twisting around his feelings for Peggy and the daydreams he'd had during the war. It's thrown him off balance, caused him to question his feelings and his team when he should have trusted them. "What mistake? What did you do?"

The vision. That had to be it. Squeezing Tony's hand, he tried to prove that it wasn't real. He was right beside him. "Tony, whatever you saw didn't happen. She preyed on our worst fears and showed them to us. You didn't make that mistake. I'm alive. I'm right here. I didn't die."

Tugging on Tony's hand he pulled him close, wrapping an arm around his shoulders while still keeping his fingers tangled with Tony's. "They don't hate you and even if they did, it doesn't matter. We're not talking about them. We're talking about us." Later, he'd talk to Tony about Vision. "What you do depends on what you want. If being around me hurts that much then..." He didn't want to say it but Steve knew he couldn't be selfish. "I can't ask you to stay if I remind you of that."

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It wasn't right to want this. To want Tony close, his hand over his heart. Whatever the vision had done to Tony made it painful for him to be near Steve so he shouldn't enjoy this no matter how much he'd missed his friend. Or because of the other feelings he'd had for Tony.

"Yes. Us?" This time it sounded more like a question since he wasn't certain if he should have said it at all. Maybe he was misjudging everything. It wasn't as if he had any real experience with relationships. Maybe with Peggy but that was it. Nothing that would help with whatever was going on with Tony.

"If it's killing you then stop running away." It was probably the wrong thing to say and a hint of the frustration and hurt he felt had crept into his voice. But he couldn't help it. Tony had given him a home and then taken it away. It was still painful knowing that his chance at normal, surrounded by the people who made him happy, had been stripped away from him.

"You were going to force me to live in that world. One without you." It didn't matter that Tony was in New York. It felt like it was a world away from where Steve was now.

But that was petty. Tony was confessing that he was in love with him. Steve couldn't focus on old hurts. Not when Tony was admitting things that he'd considered once he realized he was starting to fall for his best friend. "I always thought that was how it'd happen. You were always beside me. Never thought one of us would last longer than the other except... to make sure that whoever did it paid for it before..."

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"You're an idiot but not because you think you have a chance with me." He had to tease. It was so rare that Tony would give him an opening like that, especially after Ultron, that he had to try for the banter they'd had before. "You always had a chance. I cared for a long time. You were the one that got through to me when I was lost."

It'd been Tony who had made him think and react instead of passively accepting the world around him. It hadn't been easy and he'd backslid into depression at times, but once the team reformed... He'd finally found his place and wanted to be with someone.

For a few seconds, Steve couldn't think. He knew that Tony was falling apart, but he was so close, clinging to him like that... Which was completely inappropriate considering the things Tony had confessed to him.

Sliding his arms around Tony's waist, he shivered slightly as Tony spoke. "We'll figure it out. You don't have to run. It'll be all right." They'd make it that way somehow.

Pulling away slightly, he gave Tony a weak smile. "You don't think I'd do the same if you died?" He might not actually die in that battle but what made him Steve Rogers would. He'd follow Tony soon afterward once he knew the world was safe. "We're supposed to be together."

Brushing a hand through Tony's hair, his smile steadied while he tried not to show how shocked he was by the apology. Tony hadn't said he was sorry about any of the killer robots or the lies. But for this, he'd tell Steve he was sorry. "If you'll give me one, then yeah, I do. I want a second chance."

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"I didn't think you'd like me like that so I didn't know there was slack." Steve wasn't quite sure it had sunk in yet. He'd cared for Tony for years. Working as a team evolving into friendship and then something deeper that he hadn't really allowed himself to think of. Tony had been with Pepper. He'd been off limits. And Steve needed a friend more than anything else.

There had been wistful moments of 'what if' but those were common since he'd lost so much so it was easy to push aside. Now he didn't have to and it still didn't seem real. Tony loved him and it was okay for Steve to return those feelings. There wouldn't be any guilt or feeling like he was trying to take Tony away from Pepper. They really had a chance... "I didn't want you to have to pick. It wouldn't have been right so I ignored it."

Holding Tony felt new ans like it was something that they had been doing forever. He fit in a way that Steve hadn't expected even when he'd let himself wonder what it'd be like if Tony did feel the same way. "I missed you too. I thought..." He almost didn't want to finish but keeping things from each other hadn't ever worked before. It would work now. "I thought I was being left behind again."

That had hurt worse than he'd admitted to anyone. It'd been part of the reason for his actions in the field and why Tony had had to swoop in and rescue him.

"I think maybe I do." It was too soon to joke about killer robots but it did give him a frame of reference. If that was what Tony would do that because of a vision of Steve dying, the world wouldn't survive what would happen if Tony was left alive without him. "I'd go as far as necessary and then find you again."

Realizing what Tony had suggested about staying alive, Steve's smile turned teasing. "If you're going to work on staying alive to take care of me that means you're going to have listen when I tell you to eat and sleep." Did it also mean that Tony was going to stay so that he could take care of Steve?

"You'll always get another chance, Tony." Heart stuttering as he leaned in closer, giving him a bright grin. "I kinda really love you too." Maybe that was why he'd been doing all those stupid things. He'd lost the people who had been his home and his heart had been breaking. "I'm going to be disappointed if you don't kiss me."
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"I'm glad it was mutual and that you're still friends. She's good for you that way." Steve hadn't been sure if that was true when Tony and Pepper were dating but that hadn't been his business. He'd told himself that it was jealousy or wistfulness that he would never have someone to share his life with in that way. It'd never occurred to him that Tony might have feelings other than friendship for him.

"Tony, just because I felt that way doesn't mean it was the wrong decision. It was right at the time." Even if it'd hurt and caused Steve to start to lose what progress he'd made, he was going to believe that it was right. "If you hadn't, you wouldn't be here now." Which was more important than the pain Steve had felt watching Tony leave them.

Chuckling softly, he ruffled Tony's hair. "No one said that Captain America was above cheating." The elder should really know that Steve didn't match the 40s era comic book character. "I know you get involved which is why I make sure that you eat and sleep occasionally."

Even as he told Tony that he could kiss him, Steve wasn't sure if this was real. Yes, Tony was here with him. He wasn't hallucinating or having some kind of vision like he had about Peggy. But there was still a hint of doubt in the back of his mind that Tony would change his mind and leave them - leave him - again. Leaning in, he ignored that fear, telling himself to focus on now instead of the future.

The kiss was gentler than he expected. Sweet like he'd imagined first kisses when he was younger. Warmth slipped through him, desire and something steadier sliding along his nerves. Something Steve had been waiting for but hadn't known what it would feel or taste like until Tony kissed him.

Humming softly, he parted his lips while lifting Tony up slightly to get a better angle. Not enough that the elder would complain but enough that he wouldn't have to stretch so much as Steve stole another kiss. Licking and teasing Tony's lips, he pulled away so Tony could breathe. "I guess now you don't mind if an Avenger kisses you?"

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"I'll have to send her flowers to thank her for keeping you from becoming a hermit." It sounded teasing but Steve really was grateful. He had worried about his friend, knowing that after everything that had happened Tony probably wouldn't take care of himself the way he should. He was absentminded at best but alone he would fall into his work without realizing he had normal, human needs like food and sleep.

He had kept in contact with Friday but it wasn't the same. JARVIS would side with him, giving away information carefully even when Tony had told him not to. Friday was too literal, obeying Tony's orders even if they meant the genius was harming himself by forgetting to eat or sleep.

"I'm sorry too." For more than just Tony being gone. That they'd fought and Tony hadn't trusted him. Steve had tried but it hadn't been enough. "I should have done things differently." Maybe then they would still be at the Tower, watching movies and seeing how red Bruce would turn when Natasha flirted with him. "But I know that you needed to get away for awhile." Maybe they both had needed it even if it had hurt.

"I need every advantage I can get." Lightly playing with the hair at the back of Tony's neck, he smiled shyly. Yeah, he was going to need the advantage if Tony kept looking at him like that. If not, he'd completely forget why he was supposed to be sneaky even if it was for Tony's good. "I was thinking the same about you."

For a few seconds, he thought Tony would protest being lifted. Actually he expected to be swatted for it but the kiss caused him to forget that Tony might not like to be manhandled. Making a soft sound of approval when Tony returned the kiss and held him closer, he hoped that Tony didn't mind being picked up since Steve was probably going to do it regularly so that they could kiss easily.

Fighting back a smile as Tony registered what he said, his heart fluttered when the elder described the reactions the other Avengers would get for an attempted kiss. And he really shouldn't think that the way Tony was rambling was cute. Even if it really was. "Captain America wants to kiss you every day that he can. I don't know about the farm though. I'm kind of afraid of what you'd do to the tractor and you'd probably build armor for the cows..." Yes, he was being ridiculous it was something he'd missed with Tony. He was the only one that Steve could joke like that with and he couldn't help teasing his... friend? Boyfriend? What were they now?

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"I was planning on sending a card." That was what was polite even if it might not be traditional now. "I'd send her a pair of shoes but I doubt I could afford the type she likes." Also that was a little too personal even if he really was grateful that she had kept an eye on Tony. "I won't talk behind your back. That's rude." But he might plot with her to keep Tony from retreating to the workshop and not coming out.

Steve almost tells him that nothing was scrambled but maybe it was true. There might not have been physical damage but it had done something to them all that they were all struggling to heal. "As long as it's getting scrambled back the way it was before."

That smile caused his breath to stutter as he realized how much he'd missed it. It had always been rare but Steve had thought he'd never see it again. That things were too broken for Tony to ever be that happy around him again.

Nuzzling Tony's hand, he grinned at the elder. "Steve Rogers is going to demand kisses daily. He's not as polite as the guy in the uniform." Watching his friend, he chuckled softly as he realized that Tony was probably trying to figure out all the ways to add technology to a farm. "You could. It's probably something the world needs."

Even though he knew Tony would probably be annoyed, he couldn't resist kissing the end of his nose. "Armored cat would be a bad idea. How would we clean up after it?

"You don't have to buy me anything. I want you not an island or the Dodgers." For a moment his expression faltered and he looked young and unsure. "Just don't leave again. That's what I really want."

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"Then I'll have to send flowers instead. I wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea." Especially if... "She knew? And she didn't mind?" He couldn't help wondering if Pepper had noticed how he'd reacted to Tony. Had she realized that he cared and somehow approved of it all? She'd been kinder to him than most and there had been a few odd looks that Steve hadn't understood.

"Tony, you're always pushy." He tried to sound serious but he was too happy for it really be more than gentle teasing. "I want that too. I didn't realize how much I needed you around until you were gone."

Being demanding was odd for Steve. He usually focused on others instead of himself but this time he had a chance for the happiness the vision had said could never be his. "You might see it more often than you think if it means you want to be with me."

Returning the kiss, he chuckled at how Tony was already considering the 'hows' of new inventions. "Yes to working on farm equipment. Only one robot cat. Real cats need homes so no selling them or giving them away."

Realizing what he said and how it must have sounded, Steve tried to fight back a blush. It wasn't what Captain America should say. Or even something Steve Rogers would normally admit to. Brushing his lips against Tony's he tried to think of something to say but there wasn't anything he wanted more than Tony to be with him. "I want you with me. Stay tonight at least?"

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He couldn't apologize for that. There really wasn't anything that any of them had done wrong. Tony and Pepper had tried and Steve hadn't really been in the picture then. But he could see how even without that lost dedication, would cause everything to fall apart. Tony was Iron Man. He was a hero. It wasn't right to try to stop Tony from doing something that was so important to him.

"I was glad that you said yes. I knew you were the one that would keep me in line. You'd force me to ask the right questions." Just like he had when they were fighting Loki. If Tony hadn't forced him to start thinking for himself he probably would still be working for a SHIELD that had HYDRA manipulating them all. "I'd hoped we could be friends but I didn't know that I'd... I didn't expect this."

Rolling his eyes, he brushed his lips against Tony's jaw. "Kissing you is never going to be my downfall." A temptation at times when Steve should be thinking of other things but never his downfall. "I was always fond of you. I just didn't think you'd ever feel the same way." Friendship yes, but love? That was something Steve hadn't thought was possible. Not in the way he hoped for.

"Yes, it's a promise. I will demand kisses every day that we're together." And not think about Tony not being with him because that would lead to the type of things that had ate at him after the vision of Peggy.

Grinning over the promise, he had the feeling that this time Tony would do what Steve asked when it related to robots. "Good. I do not want our robot cat to have robot kittens."

Shivering at the kiss, he had to remember how to breathe. "I - uh - I do." Why could he think clearly in the middle of a fight but not when Tony was kissing his ear? "I was kinda hoping you would stay. With me." Mentally, he wanted to bang his head against a wall. He sounded like he had years ago when he tried to talk to the dates that Bucky set him up. Tony telling him that he loved him should not make Steve stammer like this.

"No one's ever molested me before." The blush brightened and slowly Steve realized that they were in a hallway and someone might walk in on them. Carefully setting Tony down, Steve stole another kiss before tugging him toward his quarters. "We probably shouldn't talk about it here."

It didn't take long for Steve to lead Tony to his room. Once they were inside and the door was locked, he cupped the back of the elder's neck, smiling shyly. "Never really kissed anyone till today."

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Steve wasn't quite sure how much of what Tony had said was serious but he knew better than to not assume that everything was possible. The promise that he'd understand eventually and regular kisses. Even the farm even though he couldn't really imagine Tony on a farm. He could imagine robot cats and kittens but not a lifetime spent on a farm.

Grinning at the elder, he stole another kiss to help keep Tony from noticing that he was blushing. "I was hoping that you'd want to share the bed." He wasn't sure how far things would go but now that Tony had said that this was possible, Steve didn't want to spend the night apart. Sleeping in the same bed, tangled up together, was more than he'd thought would ever be possible.

For a moment, he stared at Tony, surprised that his friend seemed to be at a loss for words. He hadn't thought that he'd be able to do that to Tony just by suggesting that they might do more than just sleep tonight.

Gently rubbing the back of Tony's neck, he focused on that instead of the jittery feeling in his chest. Tony wanted to stay with him. There was no reason to be nervous. "Does that mean we shouldn't practice?" Nuzzling Tony's hand, he gave up on trying to hide his blush. "I was told that practicing was important." It hadn't been important then but he didn't want Tony to be disappointed.

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Resting his forehead against Tony's he gave his friend a wry smile. "Why would I be against it? We basically were living together for the past year." They'd had different quarters - a whole floor that still seemed like too much to Steve - but they'd gravitated toward each other so much that they'd always been in each other's space.

Maybe that should have told him that things weren't the way that he had assumed between Tony and Pepper.

Steve wasn't sure how far things would go. He knew he wanted Tony and he thought that Tony wanted him but that didn't mean that they'd have sex. In the back of his mind there was a faint voice that warned that he shouldn't wait. Waiting might mean losing what he wanted again but he didn't want to rush things. He wanted to enjoy being with Tony and all the steps of being with someone that he'd never experienced before.

"You aren't the only one that needs to practice." His skin felt too warm, embarrassment and desire clashing so Steve wasn't sure which one was causing him to flush. "I haven't... There wasn't really a chance to... I don't want to disappoint you." Especially when Tony compared it to an art. Hopefully Tony wouldn't be too disappointed while they were practicing.

The thought left him too focused on the 'what if's that he easily moved with Tony, letting out an undignified sound when he lost his footing and they both toppled onto the bed. Managing to keep his weight from falling onto Tony, he gave the elder a nervous smile. "Sorry, I - uh - this wasn't how I planned on us getting horizontal."

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"Maybe but I'm not going to say no. I've lost too much because I waited." He wasn't going to lose Tony because convention said that there were certain steps that were supposed to be followed in a relationship.

His eyes drifted half closed as he tried to focus on Tony and not the jittery feeling in his chest. When had he felt this young and nervous? The first few times he'd been on stage? Even with those worries, he chuckled softly at the mental image of Tony's initial flight tests. "At least there won't be any risk of anything like that happening."

Returning the kiss, some of his nervousness began to fade. "It's not fair asking me that when I've only had the internet for reference." And what he'd seen there... "That wasn't - lot of it wasn't -" Some of it had been interesting, more than interesting, but he felt more than lust for Tony. "Not what I feel for you."

Humming softly, he tipped his head for Tony, shivering at the feeling of teeth against his skin. "I know. You always did."

Date: 2015-08-03 04:57 am (UTC)
like_a_gerbil: (Taller - Shirtless)
From: [personal profile] like_a_gerbil
"You're going to move in when you can?" Steve knew that Tony had a life in New York and that couldn't be ignored just because they'd finally confessed their feelings. Tony had responsibilities that had to be dealt with. And they'd need to set up someplace for Tony to work that he'd approve of. He wasn't sure how long that would take but Steve hoped that it wouldn't take months. "I kind of had an area set aside for you when we were setting up."

It hadn't seemed right not to have the start of a room and workshop for Tony. Not when he had promised to help with their tech and he'd given them entire floors of the Tower. "A place for you to work at least. Never was sure if you'd stay unless you had to."

Looking down at Tony, the chuckle became a laugh. "Good to know that you're not into that kind of rough stuff. 'Cause I don't ever want to hurt you." He sometimes worried about his strength, but Steve knew he wouldn't intentionally hurt Tony when they were together like this. "Wouldn't mind trying the wall sex sometime."

He knew he probably wasn't explaining things right. He wanted Tony. He didn't want the elder to think he didn't want to be with him. "I want to touch you. I know the basics. It just seemed - " For a moment, he tried to think of the right way to describe it. Some of what he'd saw had caught his imagination but the rest. "It was too mechanical. I want it to be like you said, learning what makes both of us feel amazing."

Sitting back, he watched Tony, wondering if he'd said the wrong thing until Tony's hands slid over his skin. Shivering, he whimpered softly at the kisses, managing to catch his breath when Tony asked about the shirt.

Smiling softly, he brushed his lips against Tony's as the last of the jitters disappeared. Tony wasn't expecting him to know everything. They'd both explore and learn. "Okay, but I didn't know we were making deals." Reluctantly pulling away, he pulled off his t-shirt before grinning at Tony. "What I do for you, you'll do for me?"

Date: 2015-08-09 03:32 am (UTC)
like_a_gerbil: (Taller - The Uniform Finally Fits)
From: [personal profile] like_a_gerbil
The idea that Tony was in that much of a rush was flattering but he didn't want Pepper hunting his boyfriend down because Tony hadn't dealt with the business side of moving. "Isn't there more to it than just shipping your things here?"

His heart stuttered at the kiss and Steve wondered if it was so rare for someone to think of Tony. He was a friend and had been an Avenger. Why wouldn't he have a place with them? Brushing his fingers against Tony's cheek, he smiled softly. "You're welcome."

Pretending to be annoyed, he tried to scowl at Tony but instead, could only grin. "Someone once accused me of liking to get beat up so it could have been something you were into." But it was a relief to know that Tony wouldn't ask him to get close to that line.

Wall sex was something that he'd occasionally thought about. An illicit fantasy that Steve knew he shouldn't have about a friend. Or shouldn't until now. His breath stuttered, eyes turning dark at the idea of Tony wanting that fantasy to be real. "Can we try it horizontal first before we try that?"

Settling his hands on Tony's waist, he almost whimpered when his boyfriend moved onto his lap. "I like your plan." Closing the distance Tony had put between them, he kissed him almost chastely. "I have the feeling that if we don't do something like that I won't get a chance to learn what you like." It wouldn't be intentional but Tony was so focused on him that Steve had the feeling that he might not get a chance to please his lover.

Kissing him again, he nibbled lightly on Tony's lips. "I want to make you happy. Figure out what we both like." When he pulled away, he smiled when Tony took his hands. Gently unknotting the tie, he flushed slightly. "I used to think about this." Sliding his fingers over smooth fabric before pulling it free of Tony's collar, he started working at the buttons on Tony's shirt. "I think I can figure them out."


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