Jul. 19th, 2015

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The urge to laugh bubbled up inside of him like a caged bird flapping its wings against the cage. Honestly, the fact he tamped down a smile proved how much self-restraint he could have... because why wouldn't he want to laugh at Steve Rogers schooling Rhodey? The worship and adoration that his long time friend seemed to speak with in regards to Steve almost made him smug when he got the chance to watch them spar... and Rhodey fall on his face.

What? He was allowed to enjoy that a little. Especially after some of the shit Rhodey put him through in the past.

But that wasn't why he didn't announce his arrival. The sensors for the Avengers compound didn't register him because he wasn't a 'threat'... so no one knew he came to visit. After flying out to the middle of nowhere that one time to save Steve from his strange desire to get his ass kicked... he'd been fighting that nagging impulse to just show up. Not that he felt like he should be there. Tony even pointedly didn't look at Wanda in one corner of the work out area to avoid the gnawing guilt in his stomach and the fear of what he'd seen...

Instead, he kept his eyes on Steve. The broad shoulders and the UnderArmour shirt that hugged every single curve and muscle the blonde had in his body. Damn sinful and he'd be damned if he looked away. Not that it was the main reason he wanted to just... watch. Steve had a certain grace to him. A confidence in combat, but when he talked and laughed it almost seemed shy. Never quite giving everything to his teammates. At least not when he compared the smiles to the one he got in New York when Tony felt certain he was dead.

"JARVIS always wondered why you watched and never approached." Tony felt like his heart might explode in his chest as he nearly jumped out of his skin. The god damn android didn't even make a sound as his feet touched the ground. A hand reflexively went to his heart and he tried not to let his stomach wrench at the sound of that familiar voice. "Forgive me... I startled you."

"No shit." He muttered the words softly and rubbed at his face, fingertips tangling in his hair... that he actually tried to make look nice before he came. Why... he didn't really know. Okay. He did. But who was asking?!

"Why do you?"

"Why do I what?" He rubbed his face more, frustration creasing his brow.

"Watch Captain Rogers from far away." Tony peered over his fingers at Steve and he felt that same fluttering feeling in his chest. "I believe he misses your presence. I should inform him you have arrived..."

"Vision!" He turned to tell the other know, but all he caught was a fluttering of cape before The Vision floated weightlessly down to the training room floor. Great... all he needed was for Steve to know he was standing there staring like a teenage girl...


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