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Name:Anthony Edward "Tony" Stark
Birthdate:Mar 3
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Thank you for saving me...
Don't waste it...

don't waste your life, Stark.
Anthony "Tony" Stark
Tony's parents were killed in an car accident (in the comics he is 21, it is assumed he was too young in the movie timeline to take the company). Because of this,Obadiah Stane took control of Stark Industries in his place until he would be old enough (and want) to take his place as CEO. At age 15, Tony went to MIT showing a genius level IQ only to leave at age 19 with two masters degrees. It's at that point that he returned to retake his father's company. Taking on Virginia "Pepper" Potts as his executive assistant, he often dumps the undesirable work on her as he invents and promotes the company. Tony is generally a fun loving, partier that has frequented the term "womanizer" more times in his life than he can count. He's been called the merchant of death for his company's weapons, but for most of his life he showed no remorse.
Iron Man
[The birth of Iron Man is somewhat the same between the comics and the movie verse. Since this character will be played predominantly through the movies, this explanation will match that story line.] When Tony accompanied Rhodey to display the capabilities of Jericho, Stane set up for him to be killed by the Ten Rings. Only they found out who the target was and decided to use him more wisely than let him die. In the capture, Tony was caught in one of his own explosives and shrapnel lodged into his chest only to slowly make its way to his heart. Yinsen is the brilliant man that creates the electromagnet to keep them from making it all the way there and killing him. After spending much time with the other scientist, he starts to realize the extent of the damage his own weapons are creating. For this reason, with Yinsen's encouragement and help, he turns their request for a weapon around on them building a suit to get away. After he escapes, Tony knew he couldn't go back to the way he was before. Not entirely. "So you're a man who has everything, but nothing."
Disclaimer: I do not own Iron Man or Robert Downey Jr. This is a journal for roleplaying purposes. Notes: This is mostly a movie-verse character. The character and the mun are over 18 years of age. Verses: List of Verses Thread Archives: SixWordStories, SmuttySWS, Memes, Posted On Female Comics Counterpart that I play: [profile] ladystarkceo - Natasha Stark
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