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Jul. 30th, 2015 09:13 pm
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So, staying worked out in a lot of ways. It let him see Steve everyday and well, no one really mentioned that they hadn't really gotten him a room yet. No one really mentioned how close they were. But then, Tony only really sometimes talked to Rhodey and tried awkwardly to start a friendship with Vision. The voice was comforting when he finally started to let the other sit and actually talk. Vision carefully chose to talk about projects for now and sometimes Steve. But he never brought up Jarvis or more personal things unless Tony did it first. Which was rare.

Tony didn't go out with the Avengers except to fly the quinjet... and well, the quinjet kept taking a beating because sometimes the new Avengers were not as cohesive as they should be. Something Tony didn't talk about and simply drove the bus and fixed things when they were broken. After retooling Romanoff's cuffs after being shorted out, he fixed Falcon's pierced wing. Then he moved on to routine maintenance on War Machine because Rhodey was quite literally a soldier that neglected his armor in favor of working more. Tony did take a minute to point out the bad things Rhodey did to his piece of art before working on through the night.

Vision found him the next morning hammering out the metal plating from the quinjet so he could work on the stealth net only to stop as the other purposely pulled the hammer out of his hand mid swing. If he'd not been so exhausted and hyped on coffee, he probably wouldn't have let it go so easily. Instead he cut a narrowed look at the other. "You should sleep, Mr. Stark. I believe I can finish this for you. If... that is alright."

Arching a brow at him, he brushed his hands on his pants. "What time is it?"

"Close to three in the morning. I had thought you would stop after repairing Colonel Rhodes armor." Tony caught that twist to the word 'thought' and knew he meant 'hoped'. The only reason he didn't argue was because he didn't actually mean to stay up that late.

"You're right." And he did far too much in a short period of time for people he really didn't even talk to anymore. Holding his hands up, he moved to the work bench and pushed the tablet toward Vision. "It's all here... if you haven't already looked." Glancing up at him, he caught the vaguest of smiles that told him Vision already looked. It caused him to smile just a little. "See you later then."

"I'm sure Captain Rogers will be happy you are returning to bed." Tony snorted and kept going out of the room. He looked a mess. He smelled like the workshop and his gray pants looked like they were supposed to be black marble by the time he was done. Not that it stopped him. A hot shower sounded a little like heaven as he very slowly walked down the hall careful not to run into any of the other Avengers if he could help it.
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