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Jul. 30th, 2015 09:13 pm
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So, staying worked out in a lot of ways. It let him see Steve everyday and well, no one really mentioned that they hadn't really gotten him a room yet. No one really mentioned how close they were. But then, Tony only really sometimes talked to Rhodey and tried awkwardly to start a friendship with Vision. The voice was comforting when he finally started to let the other sit and actually talk. Vision carefully chose to talk about projects for now and sometimes Steve. But he never brought up Jarvis or more personal things unless Tony did it first. Which was rare.

Tony didn't go out with the Avengers except to fly the quinjet... and well, the quinjet kept taking a beating because sometimes the new Avengers were not as cohesive as they should be. Something Tony didn't talk about and simply drove the bus and fixed things when they were broken. After retooling Romanoff's cuffs after being shorted out, he fixed Falcon's pierced wing. Then he moved on to routine maintenance on War Machine because Rhodey was quite literally a soldier that neglected his armor in favor of working more. Tony did take a minute to point out the bad things Rhodey did to his piece of art before working on through the night.

Vision found him the next morning hammering out the metal plating from the quinjet so he could work on the stealth net only to stop as the other purposely pulled the hammer out of his hand mid swing. If he'd not been so exhausted and hyped on coffee, he probably wouldn't have let it go so easily. Instead he cut a narrowed look at the other. "You should sleep, Mr. Stark. I believe I can finish this for you. If... that is alright."

Arching a brow at him, he brushed his hands on his pants. "What time is it?"

"Close to three in the morning. I had thought you would stop after repairing Colonel Rhodes armor." Tony caught that twist to the word 'thought' and knew he meant 'hoped'. The only reason he didn't argue was because he didn't actually mean to stay up that late.

"You're right." And he did far too much in a short period of time for people he really didn't even talk to anymore. Holding his hands up, he moved to the work bench and pushed the tablet toward Vision. "It's all here... if you haven't already looked." Glancing up at him, he caught the vaguest of smiles that told him Vision already looked. It caused him to smile just a little. "See you later then."

"I'm sure Captain Rogers will be happy you are returning to bed." Tony snorted and kept going out of the room. He looked a mess. He smelled like the workshop and his gray pants looked like they were supposed to be black marble by the time he was done. Not that it stopped him. A hot shower sounded a little like heaven as he very slowly walked down the hall careful not to run into any of the other Avengers if he could help it.

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Things weren't easy for Tony. No matter what Steve tried, it wasn't a smooth transition from one team to the other. Although he wasn't sure if it was Tony's expectations that caused those rough patches or if the new Avengers really had a problem with Tony. Sometimes he was tempted to ask but others... Well, it was probably better that he didn't know since he refused to let Tony go and they needed the new team.

He'd had a talk with Wanda, putting enough force into his voice that she realized that his position wasn't going to change. If she couldn't deal with Tony being part of the team, then she would have to find somewhere else to earn her second chance.

The rest of the team he doubted would have a problem with him. Rhodey was friends with Tony and both Sam and Natasha knew that he was one of the people that had caused Steve to become more grounded. Vision was trying, something that Steve appreciated.

Sometimes he worried, afraid that Tony was going to alienate himself but he also knew that working was the best thing for Tony as long as he didn't get too involved with his projects. Which was why Steve didn't go find Tony when he didn't come to bed.

Or why Steve really wasn't even trying to sleep.

Instead he was stretched out on the bed, sketchbook braced against his knee as he worked on a portrait. Occasionally, he'd look at his cell phone, checking to see if Tony messaged him. Eventually he got lost in his work until the phone buzzed and a text from Vision flashed on the screen.

Smiling, he set down the phone, glad that some things really hadn't changed. Adding a few finishing touches to the drawing, he waited for Tony to arrive, trying not to look too excited that his boyfriend was finally coming to bed.

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The first attempt at the door had Steve tensing slightly, automatically reaching for his shield before he realized that they weren't under attack. If they were, whoever was outside the door wouldn't be trying to use a code. Settling back against the pillows, he waited to see if Tony would remember the code or if he was too tired to get the numbers right.

Smiling when Tony realized he was awake, Steve set the sketchbook on the beside table. "So are you." Shrugging, he watched Tony move toward the bed, trying not to smile at how his boyfriend's hair was standing up in every direction. "Can't seem to sleep that well when someone's not here."

He kept his tone teasing so Tony wouldn't take it as an accusation. Steve knew that his boyfriend had projects that needed to be finished and that he had a tendency to work too hard. It was part of dating Tony and an aspect of his personality that Steve had accepted years ago.

Returning the kiss, he gently nipped at Tony's lower lip when they pulled away. "Nothing to be sorry for. I know the hours you keep. I just wanted to be awake when you were done." Leaning in, he kissed his boyfriend again. "Since I have no plans tomorrow, I figured sleep could wait."

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"You don't have to do better." Steve knew that would lead to thoughts about Tony having to change for him when that wasn't true. He didn't mind Tony's work. It was just as much a part of Tony as drawing was to Steve. More so since he had the feeling that if his boyfriend stopped inventing and creating, he would break in some vital way. As long as Tony ate and slept, then Steve didn't worry. "You're doing the best right now."

Licking and nibbling at Tony's lips, he slid a hand underneath his boyfriend's shirt, trying to see if he could get Tony to touch since he seemed to think Steve would be annoyed by the residue of his work. "Last time I checked, I don't have a curfew or a bedtime. Stayed up because I wanted to. If I'd gotten tired, I would've kept you company in the workshop until I fell asleep."

Sliding his fingers along Tony's side, he grinned up at him before letting his boyfriend pull away. "What if I have that kind of kink?" Maybe not for the kind of machinery that Tony was thinking of but Steve did have a few fantasies that he wasn't sure would ever really be possible now. "I could help with the shower. If you want."

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"I was thinking the same thing about you." It was something he thought before but now the feelings behind that thought were deeper. The emotions might have been similar before but Steve had refused to allow himself to consider more than just friendship until Tony had told him that things were over with Pepper. Now Steve could tell him how special he was without feeling guilty.

Grinning at Tony's reaction, he decided that it was close enough to his boyfriend forgetting his 'no oil in bed' rule even if he did want Tony to touch him. "I'd like it. It's soothing watching you work." And it would give Steve his favorite subject for drawing until he fell asleep.

"You said no machinery in bed." Which should give Tony an idea of what Steve's kink might be. He spent enough time staring at the Iron Man armor that it would have been embarrassing if Tony had ever noticed. Now, he wasn't sure about mentioning it since Tony hadn't wanted back in that role. "So it'll have to stay a fantasy."

One that he probably shouldn't have had about his teammate when he'd been sure that Tony was with Pepper but it had been difficult to resist.

His heart stuttered at the kiss, momentarily forgetting how to breathe when Tony peeled off his shirt. Not even waiting until he was standing, Steve began stripping. It didn't matter if he wasn't as graceful as he could have been. Tony wasn't watching. "No worries about getting me covered in oil if we're going to shower?"

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Considering how much time he'd spent in Tony's workshop his friend should have realized that Steve liked watching Tony create. But then he remembered how Pepper had usually reacted to the time spent inventing and realized Tony probably expected disapproval, not interest. "Yes. I like watching you figure things out and the way you look when you're working with the consoles."

It was something that he could admit now that he would have only mentioned in an artistic context. He still partially meant it that way. The play of light and shadow was fascinating but it wouldn't have interested him as much if it hadn't been Tony that he was studying.

Somehow he managed not to blush when he saw Tony's reaction to that particular kink. It still surprised him that Tony could react that way since he'd assumed that his boyfriend was more - uh - imaginative than Steve. "I wasn't sure since you haven't worn it in awhile." He wasn't going to say when Steve knew he'd worn the armor last. He didn't want that subject ruining their night together. "It's something I'd think of sometimes even when I knew I shouldn't."

Rolling his eyes, Steve began stripping off the rest of his clothes. He hadn't quite learned how to do it so it seemed sexy. Most of the time he still felt gawky like he'd been before the serum. At least he didn't stumble the way he would've back then. "Was that a set up for me to say something inappropriate?" He was thinking it. He just wasn't sure how Tony would react if he said it.

Following Tony to the bathroom, he shivered when he saw the way his lover was looking at him. "I'd never object to you wanting to be with me."

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"If I spent more time in the workshop, would you get anything done?" He knew that Tony could become focused on a project but they were still new. There were times when both of them seemed to forget everything around them and just stare or want to touch. Which wasn't always the best considering the kinds of things Tony worked on. Steve didn't want to be the cause of an accident just because he wanted to stare at Tony for a few hours.

"It might also mean we shock the team." Everyone knew but that didn't mean they wanted to walk in on them making out in public areas.

"No it wouldn't. I trust you to be careful every time we go on missions together." Even if Tony hadn't went with them as Iron Man lately, he could change to past tense. He didn't want Tony thinking that trust had been broken just because Steve was referring to the past. Cupping Tony's cheek, he grinned almost shyly. "Yeah, I want it. When you're ready." He wouldn't push when he wasn't sure how Tony felt about the armor.

Padding into the bathroom, he fought back a smile when Tony winked at him. Steve hadn't really expected that when they got together that Tony would be able to get him turned on and put him at ease all the time. The first couple of times he'd been nervous but he'd realized that there wasn't any reason to feel that way with Tony.

"After all the jokes about 'language' I'm being more careful about what I say." Not that his boyfriend would tease him about that when they were naked. He'd probably like it if Steve talked dirty.

Walking over to the shower, he caught Tony's hand and kissed his palm, waiting to see what his lover had in mind.

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"It wasn't always like that. I tried to hide it since I thought you weren't available." It still felt odd talking about that aspect of Tony's relationship with Pepper. He was grateful that his boyfriend had her in his life but it didn't seem right to discuss the unrequited love he'd felt for Tony when Steve had thought they were a couple. "But now it might be distracting. We'll have to try and see." It might work out or they might end up having sex in the workshop. Neither choice seemed like a bad option...

He knew that Tony had doubts, ones that Steve doubted he'd completely understand but he'd do everything he could to try to lessen them. "Our team." Tony might not officially be an Avenger but his work kept them safe. That meant he was part of the team even if he never wore the armor again. "And they'd probably freak out if they saw us. It'd be like walking in on their parents."

Butterflies caught in his chest when Tony agreed to have the armor - or something approximating it - brought in. That act was just as much a gesture of trust as Steve letting Tony manhandle him with the armor. He knew that Tony was trying to distance himself from Iron Man but he was still willing to indulge that fantasy for him. "I know you'll figure it out. Even if we just pretend, it's the idea of it." He'd like to be able to let go completely but even the illusion of it would be erotic.

Looking down at his boyfriend, he smiled softly, muscles twitching slightly beneath Tony's fingers. "Then you should." He could still make sure that Tony felt good while Tony drove him crazy. Leaning in, he kissed Tony deeply, licking into his mouth just long enough to leave his boyfriend dazed before gently tugging him into the shower. "Before we run out of hot water."


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