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Mar. 19th, 2015 10:27 pm
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He'd made a decision the moment the different covens and packs started choosing a side that he would not stand for it. After centuries of never choosing one coven to align with, he made it clear at that last gathering that war was no place for their kind. That no matter what they believed, bringing attention to themselves would only result int the annihilation of their entire blood lines. Not there would be loved lost... he held not love for most of the groups that made their choice.

He and many others were forced to this. Forced to make a choice and choose a side. They picked the side that did not believe in mass genocide. Each in their own way had to make a decision. Tony just preferred to work alone. It made things simpler. Easier to deal with in his conscience. Too bad that all ended after a particular meeting with a soldier far too young to be what he was changed into... one that should not be in a war but had to anyway.

Especially when said soldier seemed to follow him since they met. In fact, he stopped in the middle of the woods somewhere deep in German territory and growled a little. "If you insist on following me, at least do me the courtesy of either being unnoticeable or forget all pretense and walk with me." A soft squeak punctuated his words from his shirt pocket under his heavy black coat. Where the sun didn't kill him, it hurt to be in it for long periods without something between him and its light.

Peeking inside at the bat, he arched a brow and spoke in a hushed tone. "I promise he will not eat you. There is not nearly enough meat on you."

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It had taken some getting used to. Three nights every month he turned four footed and furry. He could also shift when he needed to but Steve tried to keep those changes to a minimum since it made it less likely that someone would realize what he was. It was strange to think about. Werewolves were something that were supposed to be in books not fighting in a war. But at least the serum had worked and Steve was grateful that he had survived and was healthy. It was a fair trade for that gift.

Then that surprise was followed by another. By accident he'd met with a vampire in the middle of the woods... one that had set the wolf in the back of his mind playing like a pup, whining something that Steve translated as 'This one'.

So... he'd done what those wolfish instincts told him. He followed Tony. Not because Steve didn't trust him or he thought he was going to kill some innocent person. It was that instinct that Steve couldn't ignore that pushed him to follow.

He kept to the shadows, following not as silently as he could, but quiet enough that most beings wouldn't notice him. He figured that trying to hide from Tony could result in Tony trying to put some kind of silver weapon in him. "You didn't say I could walk with you."

Despite not meaning to eavesdrop, he could hear the bat and Tony's reassurances. "That's not a nice thing to say to him. I'm not going to eat him because I don't eat friends not because he's little."

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Tensing slightly when he noticed Tony reach for the sword, he forced back the whine that lingered in the back of his throat. 'This one' wasn't supposed to threaten him unless it was part of... something that Steve still didn't understand but knew could be part of whatever this was. "I told you that I wouldn't hunt you." Following was different. Something that Steve couldn't resist. "I didn't mean to make you feel shadowed."

It made him wonder how Tony saw him. As someone who waited for him to make a mistake so that he could kill him or did he see Steve as an ally?

A look of distaste crossed his features at the thought of eating the bat. Even if it hadn't been Tony's pet it wasn't something either wolf or human wanted to snack on. "Uh... Even if he wasn't a friend, I don't eat when I'm in wolf form and bats aren't uh... I think they'd disagree with me when I'm like this."

As he spoke, he realized how that could sound. "But I won't... even if I was starving I wouldn't... he's your friend so I couldn't." Why did he he have to stutter and sound like an idiot in front of Tony?

Ignoring his embarrassment, Steve tried to figure out how best to answer that question. Honestly, he didn't know why he was following. Curiosity wasn't a believable excuse and the real reason seemed too crazy to say aloud. 'The wolf in my head wants me to follow you and howl at the moon when I can't be around you' probably wouldn't get the best reaction. Especially if he did end up howling at the moon. "I - uh - I don't know why I'm following you. I know you're not going to hurt anyone who isn't dangerous. It's something else but I don't know what."
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"It's okay. I know that werewolves aren't friendly with vampires." Steve didn't really think of himself as a werewolf but he did shift and that made him close enough to cause Tony to be edgy. And he had been lurking, which wasn't the best way to reassure the elder that he wasn't dangerous. "I don't know if I count as that kind." Pausing, Steve considered how well he followed orders and how he reacted to bullies. "It's probably better if I'm not like the others."

Smiling wryly as he walked beside Tony, he glanced at the pocket that held the bat. "I'm not a hunter. I'm a soldier. But no matter how bad rations get, I wouldn't eat a bat." Focusing on the woods around them, he tried to detect any sign that they were being followed but couldn't sense anyone. "We probably shouldn't talk about that around him. It'll make him even more nervous."

When Tony stopped, Steve gave him a confused look, unsure of what the elder might have noticed that he hadn't. Then, his confusion shifted to another subject. "Huh? Why would you walk me home?" He could take care of himself, especially now that he was part wolf. Even if the wolf seemed to think the idea of Tony going home with him was a great idea and wanted him to say yes.

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"So it's not weird that we're talking instead of trying to kill each other?" Steve was trying to learn but he wasn't exactly welcomed by either group. "Am I like anything else out there?" Part of him homed that he wasn't since it didn't seem like most supernatural beings were the type of people he wanted to associate with but he also didn't like the idea of being alone. The Howling Commandos were his pack but part of him didn't like the idea of not having someone else that really was pack.

Realizing how it must have sounded when he'd said 'better', he flushed slightly. "I didn't mean... I'm not better than anyone else. I just don't think I'd fit in with a normal pack. And since I'm not a normal werewolf..." If packs were anything like his old neighborhood, he'd constantly have to prove himself if he did end up in a pack.

"Thank you. This is what I always wanted." As he spoke, his blush brightened. Trying to ignore how pleased he was over that compliment he focused on Tony instead. "You shouldn't go without sleep too much. Especially when you're nocturnal. It can't be good for you." Steve didn't really know how vampire physiology worked but there had to be a point when even a vampire needed sleep. Usually that point happened at the worst time. The thought caused him to swallow hard, startled at how worry tightened his chest.

He liked Tony. He respected him and thought of him as a friend. He was something else according to the wolf even if Steve didn't know what that was. But that didn't explain the ache he felt when he thought of Tony being hurt.

"I don't need someone to lead me home, but..." His tone was teasing until Tony moved closer and touched his chest. Then he forgot whatever else he had planned to say. Breath stuttering, Steve had to remind himself to breathe. Which was a bad idea because suddenly he caught Tony's scent and... "You smell good."

Why did he have to blurt that out? He sounded like an idiot. Or worse, he sounded like he couldn't control the wolfish part of himself. "I - uh - sorry. I didn't mean to say that out loud. I - sorry."

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Sometimes Steve could barely keep up when Tony talked to him. Not because of his genius even if he didn't understand the science behind most of Tony's inventions but because the supernatural world was still completely new to him. He knew Tony was joking - or mostly joking - about vampires and werewolves, but he couldn't help wondering if Tony felt that way.

Did he think that werewolves were beneath him and was only helping because Steve was one of his inventions? No, that couldn't be why. Tony acted like he liked him and Steve doubted that he'd put on that act just to spare Steve's feelings. "Does that mean that werewolves are supposed to hate vampires? If they are, I'm less wolf-like than I thought."

Smiling wryly, he considered the idea of pack and the loneliness he sometimes felt. "I don't think it'd be good if I ended up in a traditional pack. I wouldn't deal well with an alpha. The Commandos will have to be my only pack."

Trying to fight back his blush, he tried to think of what to say that didn't sound foolish or arrogant. He didn't see himself as special but Doctor Erskine and Tony had. "Thank you." That was safe at least. And polite. Polite was good. Probably the best he could manage while he was shying away from the idea of Tony not wanting to be around anyone... and from the idea of Tony being killed.

"What?" Did Tony really think that Steve wanted him dead? "No, I don't want... You're too important to be just 'one less vampire.' There has to be someone who can watch over the area while you sleep. If you don't rest you'll be putting yourself in danger and risking the people you're trying to save."

Maybe the thought of Tony being in danger or being lost was what caused him to lean closer, breathing in the scent that had kept teasing him since they'd met. When he realized what he'd done, Steve gave the elder a nervous smile. "It's faint but it's there. Degreaser and Vibranium."

The Vibranium shouldn't be there since Tony hadn't handled the shield recently but there was always a trace of it on the elder. "And something else. Dunno what it is but it's amazing." Maybe that was something that was just unique to Tony.

"I like your genius too." He really shouldn't keep talking but now that he was so close to Tony he couldn't seem to stop saying whatever came to mind. "I like a lot of things about you."

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"I'm glad that things have changed." Steve had the feeling that if they hadn't, things would have been ugly when they'd first met. Even if there was supposed to be hatred between them, he doubted he could have fought Tony let alone do something more violent. "I don't like the idea of us hating each other."

Grinning at the mention of his pack, he felt strangely pleased that Tony approved of the Commandos. "They are. They're the best kind since they chose to be part of the pack." Hopefully, they'd like Tony as well.

Before he realized it, a soft growl caught in his throat at the idea of Tony not being important. "It's not about how smart you are or how smart he is. You're more than just your genius or a vampire. You're special. Important." Nothing would change that belief.

That annoyance slipped away when Tony didn't pull away and let him keep breathing in his scent. The wolf kept catching traces of things that Steve couldn't put words to but both sides of his nature thought was perfect. "There's other things too. They mix together into something that's you."

Which was intoxicating in its own strange way. His breath stuttered when he noticed Tony's eyes and somehow that made everything better, making him more forward than he'd ever considered.

Humming softly, he wanted to lean into the fingers in his hair but after Tony mentioned courting, he couldn't resist moving closer and brushing his lips lightly against Tony's neck. "Is that what's going on?"


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