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Alternate Universe Canon Character

Out Of Character
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In Character
Name: Anthony Edward “Tony” Stark
Canon: Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Avengers
Canon Point: Just before the Avengers Movie
AU point: Tony and Steve have met and Tony was there when they removed him from the ice.
Sex/Gender: Male
Actual Age/Apparent Age: 39/35

Belongings: His Mark VI Armor with Jarvis installed in the suit OS. (Also tool kits hidden in panels of the suit for fixing/removing the armor.)

Skills and Powers: Tony is an amazing technical genius. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from MIT at the age of seventeen and got a masters in Physics and another in Engineering. He can build almost anything in any situation going so far as doing blacksmith work to make things if he can't modernly fabricate it. He created the Mark series of suits to help him destroy his weapons world wide and become a hero. His suit can fly, use repulsor technology as both flight and weaponry, as well as many other high tech scans and gadgets. Without the suit, he is a tactician of the first degree and a problem solver.

Tony is a natural human being. Because his tech is really the only thing special about him, there would be no effects by being outside of the gates.

Physical Description:
(Based on PB Robert Downey Jr.)

Height: 5' 8 1/2” (Close to 6' in the armor)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown

Tony has always been raised to be in the public eye. Therefore he carries himself with good posture and an element of grace to his gait. He's in excellent fit condition as he exercises regularly and does hand to hand combat training (as of recent, with Steve Rogers). His lithe build and immaculate appearance are all results of his life in the spotlight as the son of Howard Stark. But that's all in the public eye. The Armani, Dolce and other expensive suits are kept in public, but he's not as stuck on brand names as one would think.

In private or working, he is often found in khakis or jeans with wife beaters or t-shirts. He likes to dress comfortably and willingly gets dirty to get the job done. He is more often covered in grease than not. Though, even in that state of dress, Tony always has a graceful edge to the way he moves. He always looks utterly focused on what he's doing unless he is out living the playboy life... which he's toned down dramatically at recent point.

There is nothing different in his appearance due to the alternative universe.

Book Description:
The cover is a red red leather grain with gold embossed writing on the cover and spine. The pages are also tipped in gold. On the back cover, the image of his helmet is embossed in the center in the same gold.

Bookmark Description:
When asleep it is black with almost a luminescent glow of the Stark Industries logo on one side in silver blue and a rather well done blue white rendition of the arc reactor on the other side.

Alternate History and Personality:

Iron Man
Iron Man 2

Tony was born (movieverse timeline) on March 3, 1973 to Howard and Maria Stark. At a very young age he showed amazing potential that could even prove to outshine the genius of his father someday. By age eight, he’d even built his first combustion engine on his own. But because his father was colder than the public knew and an intense alcoholic, Tony was sent away to boarding school from an early age when he decided his son needed to be stronger. And likely because he didn’t want him running around at home… Howard even told Maria to not hug him because it made him weaker while telling Tony to put ‘iron’ in his backbone so he could survive the world. Tony himself even said that the only person that ever looked remotely happy to see him come home was the butler, Edwin Jarvis.

But during his childhood, Howard let Tony in on a little of his past. That included one Captain America. Where Howard saw most childhood fancies and toys as a complete waste of time, he allowed his son little things about Steve Rogers including the comics and action figure that he had to keep in the box. Tony picked up his father's realistic views on life and where he never entertained fiction, he did entertain notions of a hero that truly existed as long as he could and Howard allowed. The man even went so far as to get angry when Tony would play instead of being useful and productive. So even that childhood notion was short lived.

At age fourteen he graduated from high school at the top of his class. And even though this is a major feat of genius, Howard was upset about his wasting too much time in school. Getting into MIT, he decided to work harder and flew through his masters degrees in Physics and Engineering, graduating Summa Cum Laude by the time he was seventeen. He called it all a part of his plan. (Which seemed to be proving himself in his own way to his father without actually cooperating with him.)

On the Ides of March following that graduation, Howard and Maria died in an accident that was set up by competitors to Stark Industries. Tony could be seen standing all day and into the night at their grave only saying “This wasn’t a part of the plan.” Since then, he rarely if ever talks about his parents. Then, somewhere between that traumatic event in his life and age twenty-one, he also lost a man that was like a father to him, Jarvis. This resulted in his creating the AI known as JARVIS. No one really knows this fact and he keeps it to himself.

At twenty-one he took over his father’s company with the help of Pepper Potts, a lower level secretary that he found to help him learn how to run the business. In the years that followed he befriended Colonel Rhodes who became his liaison to the US Military and Stark Industries as he supplied them with their weapons and latest tech. He also hired on Harold “Happy” Hogan as his driver and often times companion in sparring or other activities. This proves his lack of ability to make ‘friends’. All those closest to him are in his employ or ones he created in machines or his AI.

He also knows full well that people like him for his money, mind, and power… but he’s not willing to let them have it. A lot of the one-night stands are a result of his lack of belief in people’s feelings and his inability to put trust in other people. It also reflects his extreme self-worth issues that he hides behind the veneer of bravado and showmanship.

During his rise to power he created his own persona that pretty much emulated Howard in his ‘genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist’ lifestyle. On the surface Tony is callous, flashy, flippant, sarcastic, witty, and often times considered rude or cold. He believes that the world is a stage in some ways and he has to play the part of the show-stopping CEO. This is probably a result of living in the shadow of his father, Howard Stark. Even after Howard’s death, he still pushed and pulled Tony in every direction.

In the year 2008, he went to Afghanistan to do a weapons demonstration with the Jericho Missiles where terrorists attacked the convoy he was in. Killing the soldiers escorting him and being mortally wounded he was taken captive. There, Yinsen, a fellow captive tried to remove the shrapnel created by one of his own weapons from his chest. In the end, he woke up with an electro-magnet in his chest to keep the rest of the shrapnel from ripping into his heart.

This is where he builds the arc reactor and the Mark I to help them escape only to end in the death of Yinsen so he could live. This marked the beginning of his road to redemption when he promised not to waste the life that Yinsen spared. He soon made it home where he staged a press conference and stopped all weapons production in his company. In the down time that followed, he made the Mark II and the Mark III making the Iron Man suit better with leaps in bounds.

The end results of his captivity lead him on a great deal of reform and soul searching. He has issues with even looking at himself in the mirror, which only grows after the arc reactor was put into his chest to keep him alive. He may make the world think he’s beautiful, rich, smart and confident, but inside he has no faith in himself. He’s seeking for approval and affirmation to everything he does. Tony wants to be better than his father but still not be Howard Stark.

In order to achieve being someone he actually likes and can live with, he became Iron Man. Doing what is right is the road he takes to earn redemption and the only saving source in his life of bad choices. This ties in to his lack of regard for self-preservation. Tony shows little concern for eating or sleeping when he’s busy working. He’s a workaholic and his mind never shuts down due to his genius level thinking. It’s like a never-ending problem he’s trying to solve… only there are multiple problems in his head at once.

As he starts forging this path, his CFO Obadiah Stane, turns out to be the one that sold him out to the Ten Rings and created Iron Monger. Since he couldn’t recreate the Arc Reactor, he took it from Tony leaving him to die. Using the first reactor he made in the cave, Tony was able to power the suit and stop Stane nearly getting himself killed in the process. But at the press conference that follows, he declared himself as Iron Man to the world.

In the next two years, he goes on a long journey of wiping out his weapons all over the globe. He doesn’t want to be the responsible party to deaths by his own creations. But at the same time he realizes that he is dying from palladium poisoning. Palladium is the element that fuels the reactor. And the more he looks for an alternative element, the more he realizes there is nothing he can do to save his own life.

At the same time, Vanko arrives as a rival along with Justin Hammer. Vanko’s father had worked with Howard in the past to create the reactor technology to begin with and when he used it for power, Howard handed him over as a traitor and had him deported to Russia. This left his son to get revenge on Tony after his father died. Vanko teamed up with Hammer for the resources and soon built an army of drones and armor to fight Tony.

Tony on the other hand put himself on a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior as he expects to die. He ends up fighting with Rhodey at his birthday party and losing a suit to him (which was planned) before he knew he’d die. And he would have died if Colonel Nick Fury hadn’t given him the research from Howard’s files to create a new element. Not only does he find information on the new element, he also finds out information about Project Rebirth and Steve Rogers. Where that information is set-aside for the time being, he would be revisiting it soon after the pressing matters of the present.

Creating the element, Tony reverses the effects of the poison and ends up having to fight Rhodey, the drones, and Vanko. After managing to save Rhodey and reboot the suit, the two of them use teamwork to take the Russian down. After the battle, he attempts to start a relationship with Pepper Potts… only within a few months he finds that they are still floundering and can’t seem to work it out. Sometimes people can't look past who a person used to be, to the one they are trying to become. Even still, they remained close friends and co-workers.

One thing also that he finds out from the reels Fury provided was that his father was indeed proud of him, even if he was quite terrible at showing it. The situation in both major events that created Iron Man proves something very important about Tony. He doesn’t give up and he will beat the odds even if it’s at the cost of his own life. Added on to his self-worth issues, he’s bad about trying to sacrifice himself for the better good. (Which he displays time and again in various scenarios.) He’ll also let himself be the one to make the choice of the lesser evil so others won’t have to. He’s okay with being the bad guy so no one else has to be. To Tony? He’s the only acceptable loss.

After things settled down and Fury named him a consultant for SHIELD, more interesting events started to pop up. (Start of Alternate Universe Information.) Namely the finding of Captain America trapped in ice in the arctic. Using his father's notes and files from SHIELD, Tony applied StarkTech to getting Steve out of the ice and back into the waking world. Though he expressed a great dislike for them putting Steve in an artificial environment, Fury did so anyway and Tony sat back and watched in amusement when it all went wrong.

From that moment he tried to help teach the man out of time about the twenty-first century and help him learn how to use technology. Tony doesn’t really normally react to people, but since Steve was a fixture in his life even before they met, he cares a great deal what the man thinks of him. But he found it was more than just the comic book hero that impressed him. There’s an entire depth to Steve Rogers that he never knew and he likes better than the media portrayed.

Since then, they have trained together and even had the good Captain help him get better in hand-to-hand combat. It hasn't been that long, but he's already known for following the man around or letting him invade his lab. It's during a full out sparring match in the armor that he is taken from his timeline and to the library.


First Person/Action brackets:

[He's been playing... yes playing... with the bookmark with an astounded look of amazement on his face. Switching between texting, games, and quickly leaving the music app, he's managed to turn the video on while he explores the functions.] Amazing... It's like a regular book mark, a tablet and a mobile phone... [He turns it over a few times panning the camera in two sickening 360s.]

I wonder what it's made of. [He grumbles lower.] Better not be magic. I hate magic. [That's when he flips it back over and frowns at the video feed.] Oops... sorry guys, no free show here. Maybe another time. [Winking into the camera, the feed cuts off.]

Third Person/Prose:

One thing he knew for certain... was that he'd not hit his head when he was thrown backward into that tree. So how did he sit up from the forest floor to be here? Alarms and warnings flared across his vision as he looked about the rows of books on shelves that almost appeared never ending. One warning flashed brightly that the comm links were lost from SHIELD. Another declared that the satellite feed from Stark Industries was gone. Cellular feed was gone. So was all of his GPS.

Where was this place? It as like a black hole to everything he knew. Not that his armor sensors weren't picking up another network... it just wasn't able to actually jack into it. Sliding the helmet back before anymore warnings threatened to give him a fresh new case of epilepsy, he shifted to get up only to stop when he felt the object under his hand.

Looking down at it, he frowned at the perfect red leather cover of a book face down. Lifting his hand, both brows rose instantly at the gold embossed image of his helmet in the center of the fancy cover. “What the...” Picking it up slowly, he plucked the bookmark out of it and stared with slightly widened eyes as it lit up with options like a mobile phone. Only thinner. Much thinner.

“Where the hell have you let us fall into Jarvis?” There is a soft muted response from the helmet but he doesn't put it back on to hear it. He already knows the answer won't make him happy. Now he just needs to find someone that could answer some questions. “No point sitting here.”

For whatever reason, he took the book and tapped the spine curiously. Pushing to his feet, he figured now was as good a time as any to figure this out. And he never was a very patient man.
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