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Character Name: Anthony “Tony” Stark

Source: Marvel Movies Iron Man and Iron Man 2

On the surface Tony is callous, flashy, flippant, sarcastic, witty, and often times considered rude. He believes that the world is a stage in some ways and he has to play the part of the showman CEO. From the very beginning he’s been living in the shadow of his father Howard Stark. Because of this he was pushed and pulled in every direction the Industrial Titan wanted.

That persona he wears for the world is strong, unfazed, and sometimes comes off unfeeling. He was expected by Howard to put “iron in his backbone” so that he could be a man and not need help. He’s not good with being touched because Howard put a stop to all hugs when he was small because he thought it made Tony weak.

Along with Howard’s demands, his upbringing forced him to be untrusting and wary of people. He knows that people like him for his money, mind, and power… but he’s not willing to let them have it. A lot of the one-night stands are a result of his lack of belief in people’s feelings and his inability to put trust in other people. In fact, his closest friends are his AI and robots and the human friends are on his payroll.

He has issues with even looking at himself in the mirror, which only grows after the arc reactor was put into his chest to keep him alive. He may make the world think he’s beautiful, rich, smart and confident, but inside he has no faith in himself. He’s seeking for approval and affirmation to everything he does. Tony wants to be better than his father and not be Howard Stark.

In order to be someone he actually likes and can live with, he became Iron Man. Doing what is right is his road to redemption and the only saving source in his life of bad choices. This ties in to his lack of regard for self-preservation. Tony shows little concern for eating or sleeping when he’s busy working. He’s a workaholic and his mind never shuts down due to his genius level thinking. It’s like a never-ending problem he’s trying to solve… only there are multiple problems in his head at once.

But Tony Stark is unbelievably hard working. He doesn’t give up and he will beat the odds even if it’s at the cost of his own life. Added on to his self-worth issues, he’s bad about trying to sacrifice himself for the better good. He’ll also let himself be the one to make the choice of the lesser evil so others won’t have to. He’s okay with being the bad guy so no one else has to be. To Tony? He’s the only acceptable loss.

History/Pull Point:

Pullpoint: About six months after the second Iron Man Movie.

Iron Man
Iron Man 2

Tony was born (movieverse timeline) on March 3, 1973 to Howard and Maria Stark. At a very young age he showed amazing potential that could even prove to outshine the genius of his father someday. By age eight, he’d even built his first combustion engine on his own. But because his father was colder than the public knew and an intense alcoholic, Tony was sent away to boarding school from an early age when he decided his son needed to be stronger. And likely because he didn’t want him running around at home…

At age fourteen he graduated from high school at the top of his class. And even though this is a major feat of genius, Howard was upset about his wasting so much time in school. Getting into MIT, he decided to work harder and flew through his masters degrees in Physics and Engineering graduating by the time he was seventeen.

On the Ides of March following that graduation, Howard and Maria died in an accident that was set up by competitors to Stark Industries. Somewhere between that traumatic event in his life and age twenty-one, he also lost a man that was like a father to him, Edwin Jarvis. This resulted in his creating the AI known as JARVIS. No one really knows this fact and he keeps it to himself.

At twenty-one he took over his father’s company with the help of Pepper Potts, a lower level secretary that he found to help him learn how to run the business. In the years that followed he befriended Colonel Rhodes who became his liaison to the US Military and Stark Industries as he supplied them with their weapons and latest tech.

In the year 2008, he went to Afghanistan to do a weapons demonstration with the Jericho Missiles where terrorists attacked the convoy he was in. Killing the soldiers escorting him and being mortally wounded he was taken captive. There, Yinsen, a fellow captive tried to remove the shrapnel created by one of his own weapons from his chest. In the end, he woke up with an electro-magnet in his chest to keep the rest of the shrapnel from ripping into his heart.

This is where he builds the arc reactor and the Mark I to escape only to end in the death of Yinsen so he could live. This marked the beginning of his road to redemption. He soon made it home where he stopped all weapons production in his company. In the down time that followed, he made the Mark II and the Mark III making the Iron Man suit better with leaps in bounds.

His CFO, Obadiah Stane, however, was the one that sold him out and created Iron Monger. Since he couldn’t recreate the Arc Reactor, he took it from Tony leaving him to die. Using the first creation, Tony was able to power the suit and stop Stane nearly getting himself killed in the process. But at the press conference that follows, he declared himself as Iron Man to the world.

In the next two years, he goes on a long journey of wiping out his weapons all over the globe. He doesn’t want to be the responsible party to deaths by his own creations. But at the same time he realizes that he is dying from palladium poisoning that fuels the reactor. And the more he looks for an alternative element, the more he realizes there is nothing he can do to save his own life.

At the same time, Vanko arrives as a rival along with Justin Hammer. Vanko’s father had worked with Howard in the past to create the reactor technology to begin with and when he used it for power, Howard handed him over as a traitor and had him deported to Russia. This left his son to get revenge on Tony after his father died. Vanko teamed up with Hammer for the resources and soon built an army of drones and armor to fight Tony.

Tony on the other hand put himself on a downward spiral of self-destructive behavior as he expects to die. He ends up fighting with Rhodey at his birthday party and losing a suit to him (which was planned) before he knew he’d die. And he would have died if Colonel Nick Fury hadn’t given him the research from Howard’s files to create a new element.

Creating the element, Tony reverses the effects of the poison and ends up having to fight Rhodey, the drones, and Vanko. After managing to save Rhodey and reboot the suit, the two of them use teamwork to take the Russian down. After the battle, he attempts to start a relationship with Pepper Potts… only within a few months he finds that they are still floundering and can’t seem to work it out.

Abilities/Special Powers/Non average skills:

Tony is an above average genius. He has amazing skills in engineering and science and proven blacksmithing abilities. He can make anything with metal and his hands.

He is also alive due to the Arc Reactor in his chest. Because of a fatal injury, the reactor was embedded into the chest to keep the remaining shrapnel in his body from burrowing down into his heart.
After all, Tony is Iron Man. Where his suit may not be high tech in this new world, the Mark IV would still go with him… only be a set of armor instead of a high tech jet propelled marvel of modern science.

[Game Specific]

Character class:

Why your character would be that class:

Tony is an heir to a dynasty of industrial power. He’s been a ‘prince’ in his own right with money, charm, and power. He could easily charm and woo the best of people with his wit and intelligence.

But more so, he’s driven in his goal to save the world from itself. He knows the darkness of humanity and his own faults and wants to make it a better place. Nothing deters him from that desire and he often focuses on the people more as a whole than on the individual. That desire to rid the world of just his weapons proves that he would do anything just to finish that goal.

Powers/skills to be gained by being that class:

None. Tony more so loses ability because he no longer has his high tech inventions like he had before.


Log sample:

Tony woke up to chirping. Incessant twittering and chirping that sounded as though someone had managed to break the window so the morning sounds could get it. His fingers twitched just slightly the more it sounded and after about a minute more, he blinked his eyes open frowning…

Only to frown more at the spill of sunlight and the smell of clean air that hit him like a wave. This… was not right.

Turning his head sharply to the branches overhead to his right, he saw a few little songbirds lined up along the lowest branch looking at him with little beady eyes. One second, two… and they broke out into loud happy song leaving him staring dumbfounded at them. “I need… to stop drinking.”

Rubbing at his eyes, he blinked again to look around. Yep. He was still lying on the grass in the middle of nowhere with little birds singing to him. Why in god’s name were they singing to him?!

Groaning at the headache blooming between his temples, he sat up and placed his elbows on his knees with a huff. Finally looking around again, he caught the glint of red metal nearby and reached for it on impulse… But what once had been the Mark IV in a suitcase was now neatly organized medieval style armor in a pile of red and gold. All set next to an old book on the grass that he’d probably look at later.

Picking up a gauntlet that no longer had the fingers of metal but of leather, he stared at it with wide dark eyes. All thought just died inside his mind as he tried to comprehend how or why… and those damn birds needed to stop singing! “Will you guys just shut up for one minute so I can think?!”

And then there was silence… for one long moment and maybe? He kind of preferred the chattering of birdsong over this.

Orb sample:

[At least, if nothing else, the only animal he had to get along with was the horse that had been nearby when he woke up. And even more relief when the songbirds didn’t trail after him. Which let him sift through his new items to find this lovely little trinket.

Magic. God. Why did it have to be magic. Staring at the orb like it might bite him or worse yet… turn him into a frog… Frog…. Prince…]
Look, first off? Could someone please reassure me that this orb isn’t going to turn me into something I don’t want to be?

[A short pause and a wary look are given to the orb.] And maybe where the heck I am…?


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