Mar. 19th, 2015

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He'd made a decision the moment the different covens and packs started choosing a side that he would not stand for it. After centuries of never choosing one coven to align with, he made it clear at that last gathering that war was no place for their kind. That no matter what they believed, bringing attention to themselves would only result int the annihilation of their entire blood lines. Not there would be loved lost... he held not love for most of the groups that made their choice.

He and many others were forced to this. Forced to make a choice and choose a side. They picked the side that did not believe in mass genocide. Each in their own way had to make a decision. Tony just preferred to work alone. It made things simpler. Easier to deal with in his conscience. Too bad that all ended after a particular meeting with a soldier far too young to be what he was changed into... one that should not be in a war but had to anyway.

Especially when said soldier seemed to follow him since they met. In fact, he stopped in the middle of the woods somewhere deep in German territory and growled a little. "If you insist on following me, at least do me the courtesy of either being unnoticeable or forget all pretense and walk with me." A soft squeak punctuated his words from his shirt pocket under his heavy black coat. Where the sun didn't kill him, it hurt to be in it for long periods without something between him and its light.

Peeking inside at the bat, he arched a brow and spoke in a hushed tone. "I promise he will not eat you. There is not nearly enough meat on you."


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